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September 10, 2004
  Webshots - Wine Strikes Again!

When I ran Windows as my desktop, I had a program called WebShots that I used to set my desktop wallpaper, and cycle it. They have Windows and Mac versions, but no Linux version yet. They still send me e-mails each week, showing the daily picture selections for each day in the past week. I decided to download the Windows version, and install in under wine to see if it would work. I moved websamp.exe to /home/summersd/.wine/fake_windows, then ran wine C:\\websamp.exe to install the program. wine "C:\\Program Files\\Webshots\\Launcher.exe" then started the desktop control. I used that to disable the tray icon (wine has one, but you can’t see it), and I disabled almost every other “auto update” feature.

I had downloaded a “.wbz” file (which is what is imported into WebShots), and I finally figured out how to import it. Running the launcher program, and following it with the name of the .wbz file, imports it. I may figure out a way to automate that, but for now, I know how to do it.

(Note: This is the end of the “My Linux Adventure” series of posts. After this, I ended up going back to Windows XP, just because it worked and I didn’t have hobbyist time. As of May 2007, I’m running Ubuntu 7.04 on one computer, and Windows Vista on my laptop, which is currently out of commission.)

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September 8, 2004
  Apache and MySQL Are Back

I was finally able to resolve my problems with Apache and MySQL. When I decided to mount my FAT32 drive under /home/summersd, I inadvertently caused myself some problems. From talking to a Linux guy at work, I found that no processes that weren’t running under my user ID could access those files. The reason is that Linux looks up the entire diretory tree, back to /, to determine if you can access the file. So, although I had -rwxrwxrwx summersd summersd on every file, /home/summersd was drwx—— summersd summersd, and /home was drwxr-xr-x. The permissions on /home/summersd was keeping Apache from seeing /home/summersd/drive_d/wwwroot, and MySQL from seeing or writing to /home/summersd/drive_d/mysql/data. I moved the drive to /mnt/drive_d, with the mount point being owned by “root”, still mounting the drive with my user name, and everything worked.

In the process of reconfiguring Thunderbird, I believe I may have found out how to share the address book across operating systems. The file ~/.thunderbird/default.[something]/prefs.js has a listing of all the preferences and settings. I modified this file to change the location of my mail files, and there is a setting there for an address book (which isn’t shown in the configuration dialog - after all, it is 0.7.3…) I’ll play with that later - right now I’m just elated to have Apache and MySQL working again.

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September 8, 2004
  foobar2000 with Wine

foobar2000 is about the best, most organized audio player I’ve found. However, it is a Windows application, and according to what I’ve read, very reliant on Microsoft C++ extensions. I decided to give it a shot under wine, and it works great! There is a repaint problem - sometimes the playlist doesn’t refresh as it should. But, it’s pretty much a start-and-minimize sort of application, so that’s acceptable.

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September 7, 2004
  ndiswrapper May Have Issues

We’re speedily working towards a Friday deadline at work, so tonight I had some analysis work to do on some COBOL code. Great, I thought, I can use my VSlick setup under wine. I moved my computer from the living room back to our now-empty bedroom (soon to be nursery), and booted it up. Kernel panics galore - never got past the network stuff. When I booted to Windows, I found that the wireless network didn’t reach that far, and I’m guessing that the ndiswrapper folks haven’t tried their driver a lot with a wireless card, but no wireless network. Once I get past that, I may grab the dumps from these kernel panics and see if the developers need them to see what went wrong. So, for tonight, I had to use WXP (in which I actually had to disable the wireless connection - seems Windows doesn’t handle a barely-there wireless connection much better than Linux).

The diagnostics I ran last night never found anything - they ran for about 10 hours. I suppose I’ll just have to wait until I have problems again, then run it right then. Another person from the WBEL users list suggested I check the way I have my hard drives set up; he thinks that a 2GB drive slaved to a 20GB drive may be causing conflicts, which would cause freezes or panics.

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September 5, 2004
  Success with Wine & Diagnostics

At work, we use an editor called Visual SlickEdit (VSlick). It’s got a lot of features, and supports color-coding for many different languages. I decided that I’d give wine another shot, as we only have the Windows version of this program. I installed wine and winesetuptk, used winesetuptk to configure the installation, then ran the installation program. Everything installed, and the program ran up to a point, when it started complaining about a missing DLL. I booted to WXP, found the DLL, copied it to the FAT32 drive, rebooted to Linux, and copied the DLL into the “fake windows” system directory. Soon, it was working great! I can’t believe it - success with wine!

I also have made little headway towards getting Apache and MySQL to working. I changed the process that Apache uses to run as “summersd”, and I was able to see pages (although any pages that relied on a database didn’t work). I still haven’t figured this one out yet…

I’m still getting kernel panics from time to time, and it seems to be whenever I access networking. A suggestion from one of the folks on the WBEL users list was to download the Ultimate Boot CD, filled with diagnostic programs. I downloaded it, burned it, and ran some memory checks. Those checked out, so I’m going to run a “CPU Burn-In” program to see if it can detect errors from the CPU. It runs for up to 7 days, but I think I’ll just run it overnight - folding@home didn’t take nearly that long to crash it before.

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September 5, 2004
  DVDs Are Back & Conflicting Wireless Networks

I downloaded xine and xine-ui again, just to get the freshest stuff. Compiled first time, worked first time. I must be learning how to do this stuff! I also did a “yum update” to get the most recent version of everything, and I upgraded ndiswrapper from .8 to .10.

I moved the computer into another room, and found that I was now getting conflicts on my wireless card. After some research, it appears that I’m picking up my next-door-neighbor’s wireless signal as well. I renamed our wireless network, and configured the cards to use only that network, and those conflicts went away.

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